& More – Unique Native American Art

Expanding beyond traditional Zuñi jewelry and fetishes, we represent other tribal artists offering unique Santo Domingo jewelry, earrings, Navajo bracelets and other Native American art made with distinctive designs and stylings – Navajo silver bracelets and earrings, including those of the Willie family – Lonnie Willie, Cooper Willie, Tawnie Willie and Alan Cruz. We also showcase Kewa (Santo Domingo) jewelry and earrings (mosaics, slabs and ‘cut-outs’), kachinas (katsinas), mostly Hopi and Zuñi one piece carvings and a few Navajo ‘dolls’, Zuñi beadwork. Check this gallery regularly for such items as they become available.

On top of offering Santo Domingo jewelry, earrings and Navajo cuff bracelets, we also have pottery. Our pottery collection is mostly Zuñi fetish pots. Made by Edna Leki (daughter of Teddy Weahkee), her daughter Lena Boor and her granddaughter Evaline Boone. These are rarely make anymore. Our collection does from 1950s to 2010. These pots are encrusted with small pieces of turquoise and adorned with hand-carved Zuñi fetishes.

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