Gallery KA Collection of Vintage Native American Jewelry – 1930 to 1970’s.   I was introduced to Native American jewelry as a child growing up in California. Every family member had an array of Native American jewelry. My grandmother was Cherokee. My desire was to become a cultural anthropologist. Although that did not happen, I have recently had an opportunity to participate in the history and culture that I have always loved. I have spent many days over the past six years at both the Zuni and the Kewa Pueblos and throughout the Southwest – meeting artists, attending ceremonies and purchasing jewelry from individuals, trading posts, pawn shops and collectors. I have been enriched by my experiences and appreciation while collecting exceptional pieces. My passion has been to promote and keep alive Native American jewelry making by collecting and placing unique signature pieces with persons who appreciate this truly unique “Art Form”. I look for originality in design and execution and collectibility. Vintage Native American jewelry speaks to the heart. This is a revolving gallery of some of my most prized, heirloom treasures. Let me know your interest either through this website or calling me directly at 575-956-5163. K