Exceptional Zuni Carvings

Only recently, over the past 20 years or so, have a small number of artists taken Zuni carvings to a higher level of both design, styling  and execution. New techniques, new carving tools and even modifications of older methods have allowed some to move well-beyond the bounds of traditional images and methods. Sometimes it is a reinterpretation of older images; sometimes something entirely new.  Regardless, it is seen as an evolution of the art of Zuni carving. These exceptional carvings might not be called ‘fetishes’ by some, but to others, they are merely an evolution of imagination and execution. 

These few carvings draw the admiration, respect and awe from collectors, traders and even other carvers.

Exceptional Zuni Carvings Gallery -A3

Very few artisans have the inspiration, talent, skill or patience to create such exceptional pieces.  It may be the subject, the materials used, or the design that results in the sheer beauty of these carvings. Here are some exceptional Zuni fetish carvings by Stuart Quandelacy, Estaban Najera, Florentino Martinez, Lance Cheama, Wilfred Cheama, Derrick Kamassee, Troy Sice, Claudia Peina, Travis Lasiloo, Terrance Martza and Ruben Najera.