Usual & Unusual Zuni Fetishes

This is our collection of unusual Zuni Fetishes.  There is no limit to the imagination and creativity of certain Zuni fetish carvers. There is no limit to what some carvers will attempt, often leading to what many would consider unusual fetishes. The repertoire of the basic eight images is regularly supplemented with birds, buffaloes, horses, owls and more. Often, carvers tire of creating the same images, regardless of how popular they are. Carving exotic animals, insects, fish and even mythic creatures add to the high degree of sophistication of the craft. Often creating different images comes from collector requests – North American and African big game from international hunters, insects from etymologists, certain fish from anglers. Snakes, spiders and other unlikely images are regularly requested.

Usual & Unusual Zuni Fetishes Gallery -A5

It is surprising how many collectors seek to purchase a totem in the form of a Zuni fetish carving. 

Many Zuni carvers are included in this gallery, including Emery Boone, Maxx Laate, Raybert Kanteena, Sedrick Banteah, Derrick Kaamasee, Arvella Cheama, Jimmy Etsate, Gabe Sice, Hubert Pincion, Ephran Chavez, Lloyd Tsalabutie, and Estaban Najera