Payment Options


The preferred method of payment is PAYPAL. Using your PayPal account, send your payment (along with your mailing address) to using the Friends option. Since we do not charge for shipping or tax, your total is the full amount of the items you are purchasing.

Paying with PayPal Friends Option 

  1. Log onto PayPal 
  2. Select Pay & Get Paid then select Make Payment 
  3. Select Send Money
  4. Enter my email
  5. Enter amt $nnn and press continue 
  6. Use your PayPal balance 
  7. Select “Send to a Friend” (you may see ‘pay for services’.) 
  8. If so, change it to “Send to a friend” 
  9. Then select “Send Payment Now” 

You can always CANCEL if you think you made an error. (it saves you 5% to send to a friend)

NOTE: If you do NOT choose the “Friends & Family” option in Paypal, as described above, then please add 5% to your total to cover the Paypal fee (e.g. if your total is $300, then add $15 to the sale, sending a total of $315.)

Orders will be shipped via USPS priority mail at no additional charge to USA customers, except for larger fragile items, such as certain fetishes, pottery or kachinas.  If you are not satisfied, for any reason, with your purchase, you must call within 24 hours of receipt to discuss any concerns you might have.
Payment may also be made by personal check. Your order will be shipped as soon as we deposit your check.