Welcome to The Best of Zuni

After 40 years as an itinerant trader, mainly buying and selling Native American art including Zuñi fetish carvings, Native American jewelry, vintage Navajo jewelry, Santo Domingo necklaces and other crafts, I am now for the first time offering my inventory and private collections to the public.

Enjoy looking at the ‘Best of Zuñi’ – images, designs and styling that captivate the essence of their seminal creations.

Updates and changes to the pieces on this site are made regularly. This site is also being expanded to include more categories of Native American art, Zuñi fetish carvings, vintage Navajo jewelry, Santo Domingo necklaces and more.

Dr. Harold Finkelstein

To view these galleries, click on any image:

Zuni Fetishes

A centuries-old Native American art form of both animal, human and mythical imagery. Zuñi fetishes have become highly-collectible over the past 80 years, including both traditional and contemporary  styles. See over 1000 such Zuñi fetish carvings, mainly vintage.

Pueblo Neckwear

Featuring the designs and master Native American artistry of high-quality original necklaces by Zuñi artists and Santo Domingo artist Nestoria Coriz and others, including many early 20th century ceremonial designs.

Zuni/Navajo Contemporary

Numerous designs and styling of high-quality neckwear, earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants, squash blossom necklaces, and belts from top Zuñi and Navajo artists.  

Zuni/Navajo Vintage

A collection of unique heirloom vintage jewelry from Zuñi and Navajo artists, featuring a collection of squash blossom necklaces.

& More

A medley from other Native American tribal art forms, including mosaic Santo Domingo shell and stone earrings, bolos, beadwork, silver vintage bracelets, kachinas, and pottery.