Zuni Pottery – Storage Jars, Ollas Effigy Jars, and More

Historically, 19th century Zuni pottery is one of the most prized components of museum pottery collections. Zuni pottery encompasses all of possible designs, including storage jars, ollas as well as effigy jars. Notable 20th century Zuni potters include Nelly Bica and her descendants.

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A revival in Zuni pottery, begun in the early 1980s under the tutelage of Jenny Laate, has been led by Anderson, Agnes and Priscilla Peynetsa and several others.

A style of pottery unique to Zuni (initially for the care of fetishes), has been made for the public by Teddy Weahkee and his descendants, including Edna Leki and Lena Boone.  These are commercially-made bowls usually decorated with crushed turquoise and adorned with fetishes both inside and out.