Claudia Peina – Good News Bears

Claudia Peina is quite the creative, innovative fetish carver. Her recent series of standing bears known as Good News Bears is a perfect example of her originality. Learn more…

Claudia makes these small figurines in a variety of poses and ‘attitudes’.  Good News Bears carvings each bring joy to the beholder and are created with skill and dexterity rarely seen among carvers. The current poses are :

  • Standing – quizzical (head up and hands down) aka “Bus Stop”, with or without inlay
  • Standing – fat tummy (head up and hands close)
  • Walking – smiling
  • Soccer – singing or smiling
  • Happy – smiling
  • Singing
  • Hugging – smiling
  • Dancing – singing or smiling
  • Circus – singing
  • Opera – singing
  • Ice Skater – singing or smiling

The original design for standing bears began with her maternal uncles, Miguel and Ramie Haloo.  Over the years, Claudia has found a different way to craft these small fetishes by cutting ‘rounds’ from tines of elk antler. The widths are only ½ inches and the tallest are only 2 ½ inches. She makes each of the designs in three price sizes. $48/$60/$72 unless otherwise noted.  We currently have a large inventory of each pose and variation. But no two pieces are identical. Back to top…