Kewa Earrings – Mosaic, Silver Cut-out and Slab Earrings

There are a variety of different designs and styles of Kewa earrings.

Traditional slab earrings, in a variety of sizes and shapes, are made of high grade turquoise.  All of these are made by Nestoria Coriz and are very thin and light-weight. Mosaic earrings by Stephanie Medina, Tanner Medina, Haven Peina, Chaslyn Crespin, Simon Coriz, Marcus Coriz and Edwin Mina are delicately inlaid with vibrant colors and patterns of stone and shell in a variety of shapes and sizes. Silver Cut-out earrings by Jeremy & Eileen Rosetta are made from thin disks with finely-cut out original designs and inspirational messages explaining the designs.