Taking your order
Taking your order


We guarantee that all items are hand-made by Native American artists, that all items are made in artists’ homes, that all stones and shells are real, and that all silver is sterling.   A certificate of authenticity is provided with each purchase, upon request. To purchase any of the images that appear on this site, call or email your interest.  Requests are filled in the order received. We will contact you by phone or email as soon as possible upon receipt of your inquiry.  Upon request, sufficient photos and other information will be provided to preclude any concerns about quality or condition of any item.  As such, returns are accepted only for shipping damage or loss.

All prices are listed at suggested retail.  Discounts may be available.

Recording your purchase
Recording your purchase

We may have variations of some of these images or similar pieces by the same artist, a family member or a similar styling.   If you are looking for particular items, be it in jewelry or fetishes, let us know your interests – tribe, artist, image, material, price range.  We will try to locate them for you and send you photos and prices. This site will be updated regularly as items are sold and to add new items that are made available for purchase.  If you have seen a piece that is no longer shown on this site, please inquire as it may still be available.



Payment by either credit card, personal check or (even simpler and quicker) using PayPal.  Using your PayPal account, send your payment to haroldf@bestofzuni.com.  using the Friends & Family option. Include your mailing address.  Since we do not charge for shipping or tax, your total is the full amount of the items you are purchasing. For items that PayPal charges a fee, that fee will be added to your purchase price.

Orders will be shipped via USPS priority mail at no additional charge to USA customers, except for larger fragile items, such as certain fetishes, pottery or kachinas.  International shipping is available. If you are not satisfied, for any reason, with your purchase, you must call within 24 hours of receipt to discuss any concerns you might have.


You may now purchase selected items of our collection online. Please click here to visit our new online shop…